Waiting is the Hardest Part

     We aren’t popping the corks just yet, but we’re putting the champagne ice. Worcester Magazine reported on Friday that “an announcement that the PawSox will relocate to Worcester in 2021 is imminent”. This comes on the heels of the Worcester Telegram’s Bill Ballou, who on Thursday reported to “look for an unveiling of the Pawsox to-Worcester plan the week of August 13th”. Also, some great digging by Dan Glaun from MassLive revealed that the term WooSox has been trademarked by Minor League Baseball. This means it’s official right? MILB claims that trademarking WooSox was just a “precautionary move and that the team has not indicated whether it intends to relocate to Massachusetts.” If these were the only indications that the team was moving north I would feel pretty confident, but there’s more.

     Let’s start with the groundbreaking of Allen Fletcher’s public market project. The building is going up just steps away from the ballpark sight. PawSox officials weren’t holding shovels, but they did attend the ceremony. Most likely to meet the new neighbors.

This wasn’t the only sighting of PawSox officials in recent months. There have been numerous reports of team officials around the city and we even saw PawSox President, Dr. Charles Steinberg at a recent Worcester Bravehearts game.



                          Photo Courtesy: Worcester Magazine



       Next, Worcester jumped the greatest hurdle that may have prevented the team from moving. Corporate sponsorship.The Pawsox currently receive just over $3 million a year in corporate sponsorships. Bill Ballou reported back in May that the City manager organized a committee, spearheaded by Michael Angelini to line up corporate support here in Worcester. Ballou said in his column that when the results came in PawSox ownership “were stunned at the overwhelming response within such a short window. It was reported that Worcester had over $3 million in pledged support. Keep in mind that this is for a team that doesn’t even exist yet!

     We have also heard the numerous reports from “inside sources” that the team was planning a move. People really began to take these reports seriously when Red Sox beat writer, Nick Cafardo appeared on a Providence radio talk show and claimed that his sources were telling him that it appeared the team was indeed moving.

     Of course we also have the little crumbs of info. Over the weekend Bill Ballou reported that a team at WPI is “working on making the new ballpark the most modern in the minors, if not all of baseball.” We also received a picture from Pawtucket resident Joe Clark, of a pile of Worcester Red Sox postcards on a desk in the PawSox administration office. These postcards were part of a campaign started by Gene Zabinski of the Canal District Alliance nearly three years ago to show the PawSox that they would have many fans in Worcester if they should decide to make Wormtown their home.





The team actually received postcards from 10,000 people from all across the county. Make of it what you will. Maybe they were taking out the trash, handing out coasters, or maybe these postcards are going to be part of an announcement real soon.



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