Hey Red Sox, Let's Name Rich Gedman the New PawSox Manager

November 7, 2018



      It’s an understatement to say that it’s been an exciting few months around these parts. The Red Sox just won their 4th championship in 14 years, the PawSox announced they will be playing in Worcester in a couple of years, and before long construction will begin on Polar Park. Could things get any better? Back in September PawSox manager, Kevin Boles stepped down from that role leaving a vacancy. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up this Worcester Red Sox package than to name Worcester native, Rich Gedman as the new manager of the PawSox and if I could be a little more greedy let’s make that a three year contract.

      This would not be a gimmicky move. Gedman is more than deserving of the job. He spent 13 years as a big league catcher. A majority of those years with the Red Sox. He spent 5 years managing in the Can-Am League for the Worcester Tornadoes and has worked his way through the Red Sox minor league system, starting with Lowell in 2011 and currently is the hitting coach with the PawSox. Along the way he has worked with some of Boston’s top players and his catching expertise has paid off in the development of current Red Sox catchers Sandy Leon and Christian Vazquez.

      Everyone has nothing, but nice things to say about him, including former PawSox manager Kevin Boles. He spoke with the Worcester Sun a couple of years back and spoke very highly of his hitting coach:


       “It’s a steady presence,” PawSox manager Kevin Boles said of Gedman. “Yes, he’s been there as far as his major league playing career. He’s been in some great moments in Red Sox history, but you know what you’re going to get with Geddie every day of the week. He doesn’t waver.


      “He has the consistency and also the adaptability to work with different personnel,” Boles added. “Each guy has their own unique program to fit their game, but there are adjustments made. He’s not one to panic or lose patience. He definitely cares about these players. He’s in their corner. He’s reliable. He’s a reliable staff member and we couldn’t do our job without him.”


      I would imagine the ability to work and adapt to different personnel is one of the biggest strengths you would want from your Triple-A manager. There is no question he is capable of making the on field decisions. As a Triple-A manager there are also many off the field duties that would be required of you. Considering Gedman’s ties to the city, he grew up on Lafayette Street just steps from Polar Park, could there be a better ambassador for the team? In his time with the Tornadoes  he made countless appearances at schools, held baseball clinics, and always stopped to talk with the fans. He’s already a fan favorite and knowing the city’s favorite son will be managing the ballclub will provide an immediate connection for fans to the team.          

      Obviously, at this point we have no idea who will be on the WooSox roster in 2021, but knowing Gedman will be a part of it will be a great way for the team to promote themselves leading up to opening day.

Rich Gedman has worn the Worcester jersey before and many fans would love to see him in the dugout at Polar Park wearing it again in April of 2021 as the first manager of the Worcester Red Sox.


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