WooSox Notes-March 2019



    One month from today the Worcester Red Sox of Pawtucket kick off their second to last home opener at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket. They’ll be taking on Tim Tebow and the Syracuse Mets and the question remains whether or not fans will show up at McCoy the next 2 years. The team is well aware they might have to run a few more promotions the next couple of years to attract fans to the park and already have several promotions in the works.

     Kids 12 and under are free with an accompanying adult in April and May. Rhode Island students through grade 12 who “successfully advance to the next grade” will receive a free ticket from a choice of games in June, July, and August. I imagine they’ll be similar promotions added, especially if attendance numbers are down. The team has said over and over again that they are committed to Pawtucket these next two seasons and immediately quashed and rumors that they might temporarily play at another site in Worcester, if attendance is low.



    The Worcester Red Sox jersey that has been seen around town has only been given out to a select few that have won the prized item via various online contests these past few months is now available for purchase through the team at polarpark.com. The price tag is $99 and looks pretty sharp. Sales in the first week were so good that the jersey is currently out of stock! More inventory is expected next week. The team is touting this as the official jersey. At this point since it is the only one I suppose this is true. My guess is when the official team name and logo are announced the “official” jerseys will consist of the home whites with the team name on them and the away grays with Worcester on the front.






    WooSox Nation is still anxiously awaiting the announcement of the official team name and logo. When will we hear the big announcement? I have know idea, but since I’m just a blogger with no connection to the team it is my job to speculate. Later this month it is expected that we will see the final design of Polar Park unveiled. Construction of the park is set to begin in July. What a great photo op it would be to see city and team officials, shovels in hand, wearing the official Worcester Red Sox caps and jerseys at the groundbreaking. If I were a betting man I’d say probably around June.  



    The Worcester Bravehearts of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League will begin their season on May 30th. The team made some off the field news last week when it was announced that owner, John Creedon Jr. bought the Nashua Silver Knights who are also in the FCBL. Creedon told Worcester Magazine that the Bravehearts aren’t going anywhere and pointed to other collegiate leagues where owners own multiple teams. It’s hard not to see this as a way for Creedon to protect himself for when the AAA team comes to town, but we won’t know what the full impact the Worcester Red Sox will have on the Bravehearts until the team begins play in 2021. The Bravehearts have consistently been near the top in collegiate league attendance since their inaugural season in 2014. This surely had an impact on the PawSox decision to relocate to Wormtown. Whether they will be able to co-exist and compete for the same fan base and sponsors remains to be seen. The Bravehearts lease with Holy Cross for Fitton Field runs through 2023.


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