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October 24, 2019


    We are just over 500 days from the first pitch at Polar Park and one of the many questions that remain is how the team will be able to maximize their media coverage. It's no secret that one of Worcester's weaknesses as a moderate size city is the glaring lack of media. Unlike Providence, who have four network affiliate television stations and a PBS affiliate, Worcester has zero. I'm sure this was a concern for the team before committing to Worcester, but not enough to prevent a deal obviously. During the season, the PawSox receive nightly coverage on the four stations during the sports segments on newscasts and many games were televised on myRITV (WPRI Channel 12). In Worcester, I have no doubt that Kevin Shea at Charter TV3 will do a fine job bringing you WooSox highlights and I'm sure they will televise a number of games (as they already do with the Pawsox), but Charter TV3 only airs in Worcester County and only to Charter Spectrum subscribers.

    We know in order for this team to be successful they will have to attract fans not just in Worcester and the surrounding towns, but also MetroWest, Northern Ct., Western MA, and points north and south. I would love to see a scenario where one of the Boston independent stations picks up some games. We all know the popularity of the Red Sox in New England and maybe the Worcester Red Sox could attract some more viewers and advertisers than alternative programming on these stations. I'm talking about stations like, WHDH-7, WSBK-38, WLVI-56, WBPX-68. Other options would be NBC Sports Boston and Nesn Plus. This would give the team a much broader reach and create more excitement across the entire region. Not to mention if you are having a coffee or beer at one of Worcester's many fine establishments it would be nice to watch the game on a big screen.  

      I'm not sure if any television licenses will be up for grabs in the near future, but we could obviously get around this whole issue if a group with deep pockets could get together, purchase a license and create a station right here in town. At one time Worcester had the original license for Channel 5, but unfortunately the radio and newspaper men at the time saw this as competition and they were able to prevent this from coming to fuition. Don't let people tell you that Worcester is part of the Boston market. Let's face it, Boston news stations don't cover Worcester (unless there's a snow storm), Springfield stations don't cover Worcester so we are left in the dark when it comes to television news. Of course this is only a dream, but so was the idea of the Worcester Red Sox at one point.     

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