Let's assume, (dream might be a better word) that eight months from now this pandemic is behind us and we are all gathered together to christen our new baseball team at Polar Park. It's becoming a little clearer what that experience will be like. Despite the Covid induced, temporary construction shutdown it looks like the ballpark is still on schedule.

     If you don't already know, the WooSox have a radio show, "The Worcester Red Sox Show". It can be heard every Thursday from 9-10am on 830AM WCRN. This program is required listening for every WooSox fan. On today's show WooSox President, Charles Steinberg announced that Polar Park will have a Diner Car on display that will be serving concessions, or perhaps merchandise to pay tribute to Worcester's Diner history. We love our diners in these parts some have stood the test of time.  Within blocks of the new park you can have breakfast or lunch at the Miss Worcester Diner, or Corner Lunch. Another exciting revelation was the announcement that an authentic Duck Boat that was used in the championship parades for the Boston sports teams would take up residency at Polar Park. I think this will be a fan favorite and a great way to show the team's connection to the parent club.

      It was also announced today that on August 17th the team is going to unveil the nine jerseys and the seven official hats the team will be wearing. Two of the jerseys have already been released. The first one is the white jersey with "Worcester" written across the front. It looks very similar to the Boston Red Sox home jersey. The second jersey is the red "Worcester 6" jersey. This jersey is also available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going to the Worcester Fire Department Memorials Care Fund, which was established with a donation from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the Kraft Family Foundation. The team has already announced that they will retire the number six to honor the six Worcester firefighters who lost their lives in the "Cold Storage Fire" back in 1999.

        OK so we have our uniforms, the dugouts are in, we will be seeing seats soon. What about the grass? As much as I love seeing the daily pics and drone shots of the progress of Polar Park I think I speak for most fans when I say that it won't really seem like a reality until we see that green outfield. Well, at the end of this month the last construction vehicle will be taken off the playing area to begin this process. I can't wait for those pics. That's your latest update from your favorite WooSox blogger. Now if only we could rip open that canal. It would be pretty cool to take that duck boat for a spin when the WooSox take home their first Governor's Cup. 


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